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About The Greyhounds

Greyhounds love to race. This breed hunts by sight, not scent, so they enjoy chasing the moving mechanical lure. The lure is a stuffed bone attached to a bar that travels around the track. The lure makes a squeaky noise as it circles the track and the greyhounds chase the lure by sight and by sound. They wear muzzles while racing to help racing officials determine the outcome of a photo-finish race, and to protect the greyhounds from injury.

The greyhound is one of the most even-tempered, loving animals in the world. With a sleek body, quick mind, and a warm velvety coat, the greyhound is physically a superior breed, first bred centuries ago to hunt and then later to race at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, in furious competition.

Like most athletes, greyhounds have relatively short careers. When they've run their last race they're still quite young and have the potential to live long and fulfilling lives off the track. But these retired racers need good homes.

Fortunately, the greyhounds also have a superior temperament. Greyhounds are friendly, self-reliant, and gentle with children. Families who have adopted greyhounds agree that a better pet cannot be found!

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